Vulcan Industries



Case Study – Donut Display

donut retail display

By challenging an incumbent supplier, Vulcan Industries capitalized on the competition and saved its client more than 2 million annually.

The Challenge:

Vulcan Industries recommended that a donut retailer, which was currently buying its displays from a single supplier, establish a backup vendor/supplier. With an annual usage of 2-3K display units over several years, the donut retailer required a secondary manufacturer in case something went wrong with the existing one.

The Solution:

To ensure the units would install flawlessly side by side, the second supplier manufactured them exactly the same as the original supplier. This guaranteed that the donut display cases, typically arranged by twos or threes in a line, would look uniform. Creating a duplicate design eliminated any worries of fit and function. Bidding the item with other suppliers allowed Vulcan to secure a competitive price.

The Result:

With the addition of a second supplier, Vulcan Industries has saved the client more than $2M annually for the past four years.