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Case Study – Flooring Fixture

flooring fixture

Vulcan Industries effectively combined foreign and domestic production to save a customer 17% on flooring fixture expenditures.

The Challenge:

In order to add new product categories without expanding the showroom footprint, a flooring retailer required a creative approach to merchandising its stores. The flooring business wanted to accomplish this goal at a minimum cost. The resolution had to provide a solution to the logistics of storage and transportation.

The Solution:

Vulcan Industries introduced 36 fixtures that enabled the flooring retailer to merchandise all existing and new product categories in the preferred size showroom. The flexible modular fixtures maximized merchandising capacity, allowing more products in the same linear footage. The fixtures also allowed for future changes to planograms with little effort or expense.

With 10 years of experience working with partner factories in China, Vulcan provides exceptional domestic and offshore production. Vulcan produced a portion of the needed fixtures domestically to make them available on a shorter lead time, then produced the balance of the fixtures overseas to take advantage of the cost savings.

Vulcan Industries leveraged its product management and warehouse capabilities to store and ship fixtures for the flooring retailer. Vulcan ships all needed store fixtures on one truck, thus expediting the store setup process and cutting costs.

The Result:

Vulcan Industries met the flooring retailer’s aggressive rollout schedules with a blended production approach, and saved them an average of 17% on in-store capital expense. As a result, the company awarded Vulcan with all of their fixture business for 2012 through 2014. Today, Vulcan is the flooring retailer’s single source for store fixture and point-of-purchase displays.