Vulcan Industries



Case Study – Home Improvement

The move to Vulcan Industries’ permanent retail display solution boosts sales 50%.

The Challenge:

At a major home improvement retailer, temporary corrugate displays were being used both as shippers and to merchandise a dust filtration product. These one-time-use displays were delivered fully stocked for placement on the retail floor and were not restocked by store personnel. Without a replenishment program in place, the displays were shopped until out of stock, creating product availability issues. There was no way to ensure that the temporary displays would be placed in the proper locations in order to generate desired sell-through.

The Solution:

Partnering with our client and the retailer, Vulcan Industries designed and produced a metal merchandiser, which served as the key component of a new merchandising and replenishment strategy. The new semi-permanent display, placed in a prime retail location, increased the number of SKU’s and holding power. Shipping the displays to the stores fully stocked and ready for placement on the sales floor, Vulcan Industries increased the probability of successful execution and speed to market. With store personnel consistently restocking the durable displays, incremental sales could be achieved over the long term.

The Result:

The solution produced a sustainable 50% sales increase and has maintained a 98.7% in-stock level.