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How Vulcan Industries Helps Brands Be More Creative

Need a point-of-purchase display for a new product, but aren’t sure where to start? Have a unique set of requirements for your merchandising display that can’t be fulfilled by in-stock display options? At Vulcan Industries, our creative team works with you to design custom store fixtures that meet your business’ needs. And with more than 70 years of experience as a display manufacturer, we have the knowledge set and tools to make your ideas come to life. Discover all our capabilities, and learn what Vulcan Industries can do for you in a recent interview with Director of Creative Strategies, Chuck Lee.

Q: Creatively, what can Vulcan Industries do for its clients?

A: “One thing we can do in design is solve problems. Whether you need a display that holds more products, want an easier setup or takedown, desire a mobile fixture, or one that incorporates electricity, Vulcan Industries can solve that problem for you.

One of the benefits of working with Vulcan is that if you’re facing a unique challenge, we can pull inspiration from prior solutions we created for other clients. Our creative, sales, and engineering teams work closely together, and boast years of experience in the merchandising display industry. We can take seemingly disparate ideas, and develop remarkably creative solutions.”

Q: How does the creative process work at Vulcan Industries?         

A: “We begin by listening to your issues and the challenges you’re trying to overcome. We seek to fully understand your needs. Based on this conversation, our creative team begins brainstorming ideas with you. And with your input, we develop multiple concepts that start as sketches and develop into CAD renderings. If our creative team has questions pertaining to functionality, we meet with engineering to help with conceptualization.

After presenting concepts to you, we’ll make changes based on your feedback. For instance, we may take part of Concept 1 and part of Concept 2 to develop a Concept 3 that melds the features you like best. With a final concept selected, the display goes to engineering for pricing, and a prototype is built so you can visualize and use the fixture within your store. Upon approval, the display moves into production, with our project management team working closely with you on timeline and delivery.”

Q: How are the creative solutions Vulcan Industries offers superior to competitors’? 

A: “At Vulcan Industries, we do things differently. Many display companies will try to solve your problem with their stock line of products—a solution that saves them time and money. Vulcan Industries is different because we don’t sell you on a stock line of products. We can better solve your problem because unlike other companies, we aren’t married to solving your problem with in-stock options.

Secondly, we engineer your display before we price, which is much different than what other display manufacturers do. Many companies will estimate cost based on design, and as a result, due to changes made in engineering, your final cost may be dramatically different from the estimate. Vulcan Industries delivers a price we can stand behind—guessing on price isn’t something we do. With us, you won’t need to return to your boss for multiple budget approvals.”

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