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Cost-Effective Ways to Transform Your Product Displays

Want to drastically change the look of product displays without breaking your marketing budget? There are numerous ways companies can reconfigure store fixtures to promote products to a given audience or to simply refresh the appearance of their retail space. For creative store display ideas that increase sales and lower promotional costs, Chuck Lee, Director of Creative Strategies for Vulcan Industries, offers four cost-effective ways to transform product displays.

  1. Custom Clothing Display Racks

For businesses that sell clothing and accessories, modifiable custom clothing display racks can be adjusted to showcase seasonal apparel in multiple ways. A four-sided merchandising display may feature different, interchangeable graphics that announce sales and seasonal promotions. Hanging bars or rods secured to the end caps of store fixtures can highlight best-selling merchandise or give customers outfit ideas that drive further sales.

  1. In-Stock Gondola Displays

If simple, quick, and standard is what you need, gondola displays are the way to go. With a pegboard display, a variety of auxiliary options are available, including shelves, hooks, sign holders, wire baskets, and dividers. Easily increase the height of gondolas and get more promotional space with an extender kit that fits into the top of your display. Or within seconds, readjust pegboard hooks and shelving to emphasize new products and promotions. In one-inch increments, these gondola accessories shift up and down to create additional or less space between each section.

  1. DIY Printed Pieces and Corrugated Add-Ons

Get creative with your gondola displays using DIY printed pieces and corrugated add-ons. Cover up the back of a pegboard display with a custom printed graphic that promotes your latest campaign, then add shelving and hooks to hang or display the featured product. On the endcap attach a corrugated image that draws attention to or encourages customer interaction with your display. For instance, a company might append a cardboard cutout of their mascot or a sought-after product to engage children and parents during back-to-school season.

  1. Attachable Tablet for a Quick, Custom Kiosk

Want to test the impact of adding a kiosk to your store before committing to the purchase? Attach a tablet to a custom store fixture to achieve the same effect. But remember to locate your retail display near a power source to keep your DIY kiosk fully charged. Don’t know exactly how to make this work? Vulcan Industries creates custom turnkey merchandising displays with hardware that’s compatible with a touch screen computer or tablet. Simply generate the desired content (videos, tutorials, etc.), and we’ll do the rest.

Find an affordable product display that meets your merchandising needs at Vulcan Industries. Contact us or request information to get started on your in-stock or custom store fixture today!