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The Benefits of Modular Retail Displays

The Benefits of Modular Retail Displays

Optimizing retail space doesn’t have to be difficult. Thanks to modular displays, there are numerous ways to update the retail environment  without days of construction and exorbitant costs. At Vulcan Industries, we work with retailers to design point-of-purchase displays that adapt to particular needs, whether that be space utilization, functionality, ease-of-use, or any other unique obstacle they may face. Learn more about the benefits of modular retail displays, and discover the infinite design possibilities available with Vulcan Industries’ Director of Creative Strategies, Chuck Lee.


With modular retail displays, revitalizing and maximizing a retail space doesn’t require changing the size or footprint. Basic pegboard gondolas can be reconfigured with peghooks, shelving, baskets, and other accessories to accommodate changes in merchandising. These types of displays are the foundation for grocery stores and big box retailers. But modularity doesn’t just apply to stock gondola shelving. Vulcan Industries can design custom store fixtures that fit into existing displays to create a cohesive unit. If an existing display system was originally sourced from another manufacturer, we can retrofit a custom solution that can be seamlessly integrated into your current fixturing.

Reusable Parts

Because modular fixtures can be designed for maximum adaptability, retailers can give themselves the ability to redeploy shelving, baskets, pegboard hooks, and other accessories in response to changes in merchandising strategy. If a store purchases multiples of the same display, individual components can often be used interchangeably. Have an abundance of hooks or shelves at one store location? Ship parts to a store that needs them. By limiting “throwaways” and the leveraging the ability to reuse components again and again, modular retail displays are your cost-efficient solution.

Time-Efficient Assembly

Utilizing modular retail displays throughout a store impacts productivity as well. As associates become familiar with how various display structures and components fit together, the process of setting up, breaking down, or reconfiguring fixtures eventually requires less time. As a result, more time is available to help customers, replenish inventory, and keep store operations running smoothly—activities that cultivate excellent customer service and increase profitability for retailers.

Easy to Shop

Today’s customers have high expectations and want a consistent, comfortable shopping experience. With modular store fixtures, it’s easy to create a similar look and feel across several locations. Acquaint shoppers with window, door, or cabinet displays at one home improvement store location, and they will understand how to shop the display elsewhere. Consistency matters in creating an in-store experience customers love, and with modular displays that reliability is possible.

Benefit from the adaptability of modular retail displays with customized solutions from Vulcan Industries. Contact us or request information today!