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The Ultimate Grand Opening Checklist for Retail Fixtures

Preparing for a store grand opening is a hectic time. With hiring and training staff, stocking shelves, installing registers, and developing marketing collateral among your many responsibilities, it’s important to have a plan in place. A vital component of your store’s success, point-of-purchase displays should factor into many of the initial decisions made about your store. Luckily, Vulcan Industries’ Director of Creative Strategies, Chuck Lee, is here to help with the ultimate grand opening checklist for retail fixtures.

  • Find a store that meets your dimension guidelines. Typically, large retailers will develop store layout plans that fit spaces of certain dimensions. Once you’ve selected your location, spend the time to draft a design for that specific space to optimize merchandise placement and your customers’ experience.
  • Begin planning for merchandising displays 9-10 months before your grand opening. Before ordering fixtures, consider where support columns are in your store, the optimal space between aisles, and the overall dimensions of your store. Many displays are available in various size options, and you may need to plan for a specific combination to best fit your space and needs.
  • Follow best practices for point-of-sale display placement. DO NOT place displays in the immediate entrance of your store. Customers need a few feet of open space to take off sunglasses, get acclimated to the store, and think about what they need. Distracted with these tasks, shoppers will overlook merchandise in this space. Also avoid the back of store and the entrances to storage rooms and restrooms; customers instinctively dodge these spots for good reason. DO place displays on the endcaps of aisles, facing the front door. This is the most noticed, most walked past area in your store. Endcaps on the back sides of aisles and in-aisle placement rank second in effectiveness. To draw attention to popular merchandise, the center of the store if prime real estate.
  • Train employees on assembling POS displays. Vulcan Industries’ in-stock store fixtures are easy to assemble and can be configured to suit any merchandising need with peghooks, shelves, and wire baskets. Simply insert hooks, shelves, and baskets into the pegboard backing of your gondola display to change the product presentation within minutes.
  • Place marketing signage on displays. Stores typically go above and beyond with marketing for grand openings, offering attractive deals that get shoppers in their doors. Before opening, make sure you have signage created and in place. Create a “Grand Opening Kit” for your store ahead of the big day, with messaging related to sales, financing, return policies, warranties, and more.
  • Conduct a final sweep of your store before opening. Your store should be clean, bright, and tight in time for the doors to open. Check that everything’s priced, signage is in the correct place, and that shelves look full with no empty spaces. Inspect displays for any loose shelves or hooks, and make any necessary adjustments for the safety of customers. You only have one chance to make a first impression, and jow shoppers perceive your store upon first opening determines its success. It’s well worth putting extra effort into its appearance before you cut the red ribbon.

Get ready for your grand opening with in-stock store fixtures from Vulcan Industries. Contact us or request information today!