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SteelStrong Bin Storage Cabinets

Organize and protect bulk items and more in SteelStrong bin storage cabinets designed for the rigors of industrial environments. All units are 30 inches high, 36 inches wide, and 12 inches deep and feature 3-point cam locking doors reinforced for added rigidity and security.

  • Item #
  • 1013329
  • 1013086
  • Outside Dimensions
  • 30" h x 36" w x 12" d
  • 30" h x 36" w x 12" d
  • Shelves ADJ./FIXED
  • Solid Metal Door
  • Glass Door

Bins NOT included.
Mounting hardware NOT included.

  • Textured Gray | 0007
  • Only available in textured gray
  • Choose from a solid metal door or glass door

All SteelStrong products are packaged to ensure they arrive in pristine condition.

  • All pallets are sized to fit to prevent cabinet overhang and eliminate shifting during shipping.
  • The outer carton is constructed of grade 48 ECT corrugate.
  • All corners and edges are protected with corrugated, shock-absorbent inner packaging. This creates an air-cushioned gap to prevent shipment damage.
  • Durable strapping secures each unit a custom-sized pallet.
  • No Stack cone signals that items should not be stacked on top of the carton by the transit company.
  • Prominent barcodes and content labels offer peace of mind throughout the shipping process.

For more info on SteelStrong product packaging, download our info sheet.