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Why Innovative Merchandising Matters to Your Product Launch

Innovative Merchandising Matters to Your Product Launch

Picture yourself inside a big box store. Consider your natural inclinations. Likely, you will gravitate toward familiar products, grabbing items that complete your checklist.This pattern of behavior complicates the traditional product launch, whether you’re a burgeoning business or well-established brand. So how will you break this cycle and convince consumers to purchase your new product? Chuck Lee, Director of Creative Strategy for Vulcan Industries, outlines innovative merchandising solutions for effectively introducing your company’s latest offering to the marketplace.

Integrate Marketing Efforts with Merchandising

The point-of-sale display is the last of a several step process, beginning with advertising and marketing. So before your product hits stores, center your company’s efforts on creating excitement and demand for the item. Your promotional messaging should remain consistent and translate to your in-store display. When customers enter a store, they should easily recognize the product based on their engagement with pre-launch advertising. Marrying marketing and advertising with a compelling in-store experience guarantees your product doesn’t get lost amid a sea of other merchandise.

3 Effective Product Launch Fixtures

  1. Demonstration. Imagine seeing a video game console for the very first time. A few questions might enter your mind: “How does it work? Why do I need it?” Gaming companies quickly understood that shoppers needed to interact with the product, rather than read about it, in order to convert. Vulcan Industries’ can create custom electronic display fixtures that will help take the mystery out of new, big-ticket items, allowing customers to test products for themselves.
  2. Short-Term Offer. Want to quickly spread the word about your new product? Entice customers with giveaways and special offers. This strategy works well in groceries, discount retailers, and convenience stores, with snack and beverage Offer a limited-time discount, sample-size handouts, or a free accessory with purchase to get strong sales numbers and word-of-mouth marketing right off the bat.
  3. Educational. Smart consumers conduct research, compiling their own side-by-side analysis of brands and merchandise. Especially with new, unfamiliar products, the question that needs answering is “why?” Why purchase this product over the competitors’? So let point-of-sale displays make your sales pitch for you. Use a static graphic or monitor with recorded content to educate customers. Is your offering more earth-friendly? Easier to use? More effective? Making an informed decision is important to most customers, so give them the facts they need to do so.

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